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In a nutshell, “Exergy” is a term used in thermodynamics science to express the maximum efficiency a system can achieve in the context of its environment.

Similarly, we believe that any successful business is striving to leverage its capabilities to achieve the maximum possible efficiency out of its operations and to get the optimum results in a sustainable way that guarantees its resilience under today’s dynamic market conditions and challenges.

In response to that, Exergy Business Solutions, a Canadian-based company, was established in the year 2019 to cover the growing market needs of  specialized business consultancy services.

Exergy leverages the experience of its business partners to provide world-class value-added consultancy services that help its clients to BUILD THEIR BRANDS.

"Helping our customers to build their own BRANDS"
"Providing VALUE ADDED world-class consulting services that will add value to our customer's business"
Core Values
* Credibility * Accountability * Teamwork * Continuous Improvement & Innovation Are our CORE VALUES that govern our business conduct
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Some of Our Services

Sales Management

We help our clients to design and streamline a comprehensive sales process that will drive sales growth and will engage other functions to contribute to the organization’s success.

Our focus is to provide a transformational service that address sales process issues including to whom products and services are offered, how its offered as well as the back office operations that supports selling, that’s why we call it a “comprehensive sales process

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Marketing Management

Marketing is a crucial function in any business, we can help you to design the best marketing mix that suites your organization’s capabilities and market circumstances.

Choosing products/services, pricing, channels and promotion methods, how to approach your market, are some of the aspects that we can help you with.

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Strategy Planning & Performance Management

Strategic planning can enable the organization to track their progress towards goals, aligning all business functions 
Having a strategic plan in place can enable you to track progress toward goals. When each department and team understand your company’s master strategy, their progress can directly impact its success.
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Diversified and specialized consultant pool with hands-on experience and hands-on work that can deliver beyond contractual deliverables.

1- Specialized in providing business consultancy for technical products/services-based companies

2- Work closely with the client team, leadership, and even business customers

3- Tens of years of experience managing different business aspects including Sales, Marketing, Quality Systems, Inventory, and more 

4- International exposure to different industries including Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering and service

Success Stories

Sales Force Efficiency Improvement
Improved revenue by 160% after the first year, this project involved thorough engagement with other functions like Marketing, HR, Quality, and Finance.
Business Development
This project involved developing new partnerships in response to the newly developed marketing strategy, partners were selected after extensive studies and visits to their manufacturing facilities in the far east. These partnerships had the great effect on increasing market share and improving the organization brand equity in the local market.
Marketing Strategy Development
This project was about defining the company's products / services portfolio, targeted customers, differentiation and pricing, we did a comprehensive market research which made the Sales Department job much easier !
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Business Partners

Areen AlAli, Business Partner

Hani AlAbdallat, Business Partner

Ahmad El Jallad, Business Partner

Sami Garieb, Business Partner

Mohannad Mustafa, Business Partner